Trendy Bambino – Website Marketing

Trendy Bambino was looking for copy that would showcase her unique site featuring trendy, fun and affordable clothing for kids.

Her catalog features cool clothing and accessories for kids that allow them to stand out in style, so I knew that I wanted to really play up the fashionista angle!

Here are a few samples of website content and the Trendy Bambino “About Us” copy I wrote.


Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Trendy Bambino is a specially curated collection of affordable couture for kids. Your little one will be itching to “cat-walk”, toddle or crawl to every play date or family function in the stand-out fashions offered from this Toronto-based company.

What began as owner Candice Pirali’s own belief that the modern infant deserves to show off their style (even if they don’t know their binky from their blankie yet) has grown to a thriving, one-stop shop for unique fashions.

The Trendy Bambino approach to business offers the personal approach of an independent boutique with a carefully selected catalog and a convenient pick-up service for local shoppers. By sourcing items according to customer requests, Trendy Bambino also acts as a personal shopper of sorts, creating an extraordinary relationship with shoppers instead of simply selling to them.

At Trendy Bambino, kids will never be too stylish for their shirts, skirts, or any of the other one-of-a-kind outfits that won’t break your budget. Equally modern and kid-friendly, Trendy Bambino will allow your little one to make a fashionable first impression and leave all the other kids goo-gooing and gaa-gaaing with envy.

Has your search for cute, stylish clothes turned into a quest of epic proportions?

Trendy Bambino has come to the rescue! Fashion-hunting to uncover the latest one-of-a-kind treasures that won’t break your budget, Trendy Bambino is always hot on the trail of the latest in affordable kids couture.

Click here – and let the adventure begin!