The Switchboards – Company Profile

As a long-time member of The Switchboards, I was more than thrilled when new owner Caitlin Thompson came to me looking for a new profile to go with the revamp of the website.

One of the premier social site for indie business ladies, I knew I wanted to craft a profile that had a funky edge and showcased the spirit of the site which had helped me along the way during my crafting and entrepreneurial days.

Welcome to The Switchboards!

Founded in 2004 by Leah Pearlman of Uplifting Arts and Vanessa Brady of Gerbera Designs, and now run by VelAwesome Raptor Labs’ Caitlin Thompson, The Switchboards is one of the premiere online resources for creative female entrepreneurs.

But don’t let our x-chromosomes fool you. When it comes to our crafty enterprises, we are DIY’ing it – and we mean business!

It Takes A Village
No woman is an island and TSB offers a virtual gathering place to talk shop, share ideas, encourage others and learn, build and grow your crafter-preneurial spirit.

Gathering around the watercooler is so ’90’s. With photo galleries of crafty creations and projects-in-progress, informative articles and tutorials, and an extensive message forum where you can get the inside scoop from other indie business ladies making a go of it in the marketplace, TSB is a virtual hub of tech, business and craft-savvy women who are changing the face of the business world – all with a dash of sass!

Who (Really) Wears The Pants
Size doesn’t really matter (at least when it comes to your business). Large, small and somewhere in-between, Switchboarders have proven that all that matters is the measure of your ambition.

Are you an upstart looking for inspiration? An established entrepreneur (we would never call you old) looking for a few new tricks? The Switchboards has something to benefit everyone.

Hear Us Roar!
Sure, some of us stitch, and sometimes, we may bitch. But we also craft, create and champion our fellow business women in a creativity-fueled environment. Not a member yet? WE WANT YOU!

The Switchboards – Connecting Creative Women in Craft