Sugar Fire Jewellery – Company Profile

When the owner of Sugar Fire Jewellery came to me, she was looking not only for product descriptions to organize her budding business, she also wanted a revamp on her Company Profile to reflect her growing business and to spice up the catalog she was preparing for potential wholesale accounts.

About Sugar Fire Jewellery

Capturing the vitality of nature in layers of shimmering glass, Sugar Fire Jewellery’s line of artful adornment is infused with magic and the skillful designs of Erin McLachlan.

Named for the process by which layers of powdered glass are fired and melted onto metal at 1500°F, Sugar Fire Jewellery’s dazzling pieces paint a picture of the fanciful world around us.

Employing these traditional enameling techniques by fusing the powdered glass onto copper, Erin’s process creates sparkling sugar-like granules that, when cooled, Erin transforms into unique jewellery radiating with bright hues and modern patterns.

With her Nature, Retro, Mod, Classic lines, Erin enhances basic shapes and motifs to create pieces that celebrate the wonder of nature, capturing the awe-inspiring artistry of the natural world and illustrating its beauty through color, pattern and the brilliant glint of glass.

About the Designer

Working as an ecologist at an engineering firm, Toronto designer Erin McLachlan desired a more creative outlet to counterbalance the scientific nature of her work.

Yet, by combining the science of enameling with her creative flair, Erin is able to fuse these two sides of her life together, resulting in a signature style that is skillfully imaginative.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Erin infuses many pieces with natural motifs that help to remind people of the beauty in nature and enables them to feel a closer connection with the environment.

“I like to think that people can wear these pieces and they can serve as a daily reminder of how beautiful and worthy of respect our planet really is.”

Each handcrafted piece reveals Erin’s love of creating and reflects not only her creative spirit, but also mirrors back the uniqueness and inner glow of each individual wearer, allowing every one to truly dazzle.