The Organic Backyard – Website Marketing

The Organic Backyard came to me looking for fresh content for their new venture.

I knew this would be a fun project to work on, because I would be able to play on the gardening/growing aspect and tie it back to the site launch.

I put together some content for the splash page and the various info pages, which showed the step-by-step approach for potential customers.


Whether you’re a newbie or a novice when it comes to gardening, you can enjoy the benefits of an organic lifestyle, no matter how green your thumb is.

It doesn’t get more local than produce grown in your own vegetable patch. Joe will show you how easy it is to deliver fresh organic produce straight from your own private backyard farm directly to your family’s kitchen table.

If your goal is to shop locally while maintaining a more organic lifestyle, let The Organic Backyard show you, in four easy steps, how you can grow enough fresh veggies to feed your entire family.



With an enthusiasm for gardening firmly planted within Joe as far back as childhood, it wasn’t long before this budding farmer’s passion began to thrive.

By enthusiastically cultivating these first seeds of inspiration, and combining this drive with his passion for organic gardening, Joe is now flexing his green thumb in an exciting and innovative way that benefits the community at large.

With a degree in Plant Biology and a Landscape Design Certificate, Joe is a first-class resource, ready to teach your family the benefits of owning your own organic farm.

Utilizing his knowledge of plants, soil science, and organic growing methods, Farmer Joe’s customized four-step approach to creating, implementing, maintaining and enjoying an organic lifestyle will have you harvesting your own crop of healthful produce – right from your own backyard.



It takes more than seeds and soil to make your garden grow, and Farmer Joe has a personalized plan built exclusively to suit your individual tastes.

Whether you’ve got a plot of land or just a patch, Joe will schedule a personal consultation to survey your space and suggest the best sunlit place to plant your produce. After picking the spot, and arming himself with a comprehensive list of your family’s needs, your favorite veggies, and what will grow best in your area, Joe will put your new organic plan into action.

Ready for Step Two? After laying the groundwork for your new organic lifestyle, let Farmer Joe BUILD the bountiful backyard garden you’ve been dreaming of.



Now that Farmer Joe has laid the groundwork for your future backyard garden, it’s time to start building it.

By constructing one or more weather-resistant, raised cedar beds, which can last from 15 to 20 years, Joe’s construction offers optimum drainage, a natural barrier to pests, and will give your garden a first-rate foundation from which to flourish.

Using compost-rich soils and organic fertilizers, which are included in the cost of setting up your beds, your garden will begin to develop in nutrient-rich soil that is equal to that of years spent working and preparing the soil for growing.

Ready for Step Three? You’ve sown the seeds of your own backyard farm – now it’s time to watch them GROW!



Not ready to get elbow-deep in dirt? Let Farmer Joe tend to your crops and bring the bounty of nature straight to your table in a basket ripe for the picking!

With weekly visits to weed, prune, plant and maintain your backyard farm, Joe will utilize his horticultural background to ensure that your crop will be wholesome and plentiful.

Throughout the growing season, Joe will also provide his support to you through reminder e-mails, tips and answers to your personal gardening questions, so you can learn how to care for and cultivate the best from your backyard farm.

Ready for Step Four? Now that all the hard work is done, it’s time to sit back and ENJOY the fruits of your (and Joe’s!) labor.



It doesn’t get more local than growing produce in your own backyard farm. With a plentiful basket of ripe vegetables to enjoy, your family can rest assured, knowing exactly where your food comes from.

Instead of driving to the local market, your family can feel a sense of pride in generating your own source of fresh, organic produce. And best of all, your efforts will reduce your impact on the environment by both growing local, pesticide-free vegetables and supporting Farmer Joe’s exciting new concept in the organic food movement.

Nothing is more important than the health of your family. With Joe’s friendly and informed guidance, your own passion for homegrown organic vegetables will develop into a zest for life and nature that will benefit your family and your community.