How to Get a Head-Start on Fall and Winter Promotions

Photo by Sias van Schalkwyk

So, the dog days of summer are almost upon us and if you have school-aged children, you may already be thinking about the Back to School rush.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your business and how you can take advantage of that rush, too.

Back to School Promos
Do you offer tutorials or seminars? Why not offer a special Back to School promotion? Take some time to come up with a special sale or deal for clients. Everyone is looking for a way to stretch their dollars, and exclusive deals are a way to keep customers coming back.

End of Summer Sales
What about those summer fashions, accessories or products? Take advantage of the season with an End of Summer Sale. It’s a great way to clear out old stock to make room for all the new things you will be introducing in the Fall.

Give Them Something To Talk About
Do you have a new book coming out? Or do you just want to pump up the exposure of your previous titles? Try tying your release to a new book release, popular show, or genre that is being talked about.

Be a Bit of a Tease
Now is also a great time to showcase your new Fall fashions, products, seminars and book releases. A short spotlight feature on your blog or in your customer newsletter is a great promotional idea, and is a great way to get people interested, even if you want to wait until September to give them the full feature.

People are still busy trying to live out the remaining days of Summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to promote your business. Offer a special teaser or preview event for your clients and customers, with a sneak peek that you will follow up with come September. It’s a great way to keep you & your business in their thoughts.

What Outstanding Ink Can Do
Not sure how to do this or where to begin? Here are a few ways I can help you:

  • It’s never too late to sign up for one of our Email Marketing Bundles. Individual, Seasonal, or Monthly, I will craft content-rich emails that you can send to your clients and customers
  • Our Website Marketing Bundles make your blog a social hub where your products take the spotlight
  • We can create a targeted Marketing Campaign for authors, artisans and other small business owners to help you keep your promotions on-track

Need some advice or want to find out how we can give you a head-start on the Fall and Winter seasons? Fill out our Service Request form and I will email you back with more details and ideas on how to hit the ground running come September!