Free Tree Rewards – Website Marketing

I was really excited to work with Free Tree Rewards. They were introducing a cool new concept in online shopping, where small online boutiques share virtual shelf-space and allow shoppers to use their accumulated Customer Loyalty points to shop at any of the stores (not just the one they earned their points at).

I knew I wasn’t the only person who had a million reward program cards gathering dust in my wallet, and I wanted to help bring exposure to this cool new concept with some killer copy!

Besides pitch letters to boutique owners as well as press contact, I wrote this straight-forward copy for users who visited the Free Tree Rewards website to give them a clear, concise picture of how the program worked.


Your Free Tree Rewards account is a customer loyalty program with a bonus!
– Free account with no hidden fees
– Higher percentage of points than other rewards programs
– Earn additional points by referring friends & participating shops, or becoming a Facebook fan

Say goodbye to unused rewards points! See how easy it is to turn your accumulated points into free goods…

Get excited about shopping again with the Free Tree Rewards program!
– Earn points with every purchase from a Free Tree Rewards partner shop
– No limit to the number of points earned & points never expire
– Different earning levels allow you to bank your points until you are ready to redeem them

Find out how Free Tree Rewards makes it easy to earn MORE customer rewards than other loyalty programs…

Free Tree Rewards make your shopping dollars go further!
– Redeem accumulated points for more goods
– Use your points in ANY participating boutique, not just the one you earned them from
– Shop within a community of eclectic, independently-owned specialty boutiques

See how Free Tree Rewards puts the power back in your hands by letting you choose where you spend your earned points….