Free Tree Rewards – Email Marketing

Free Tree Rewards came to me with a unique spin on Customer Loyalty Rewards programs, and I was happy to come up with a few pitch letters to help spread the word about their launch.

They were introducing a cool new concept in online shopping, where small online boutiques share virtual shelf-space and allow shoppers to use their accumulated Customer Loyalty points to shop at any of the stores (not just the one they earned their points at).

I came up with information for potential shoppers, as well as boutique owners who would hopefully sign up to the program and to press contacts, who would hopefully help spread the word about this cool new way of shopping!


Does the thought of another shopping rewards program cause your eyes to glaze over? An exciting new approach to the Customer Loyalty Program, Free Tree Rewards puts the power of buying back in your hands.

With the spirit of an artisans market, Free Tree Rewards provides a virtually connected marketplace where customers can shop, earn and redeem their reward points.

Do you have accumulated shopping rewards points that are gathering dust because you have no interest in shopping at that same store yet again? Would you be more inclined to use your points if you had a better selection of shops you could redeem them in?

With points that never expire, unlimited earning opportunities, and a higher percentage of points than other rewards programs, shoppers are given the freedom to redeem their earned loyalty points in any of the participating small online boutiques.

Free Tree Rewards is not just another Customer Loyalty program. Our inspired method will get you excited about shopping again. To find out how Free Tree Rewards is set to breathe new life into the online shopping experience, please contact me for a Free Tree Rewards information package.

Botanical Earth – Business Essentials

Company Profile prepared for Botanical Earth

Debra Hendron began her apprenticeship as a soap maker at the ripe old age of eight.  Barely nose-high to the kitchen countertop, experimenting with her first batch of herbal soap was merely a stepping-stone for Debra on her path towards keeping a family tradition alive.

With her grandmother a soap maker, and her mother an herbalist, it seems only natural that Debra would inherit their green thumbs.  But by taking what she learned from her family matriarchs and instilling her own fertile creativity, Debra’s inspired formulations through her natural body care company Botanical Earth are completely transforming the face of organic bath products.

With a passion for reinventing traditional recipes, Debra is not afraid to plunge elbow-deep into the muck and mud if it results in a product that is both beneficial and beautifying for her clients.  Botanical Earth’s full roster of 100% vegan soaps, balms and salves, as well as pet care items and products for the home, benefits the consumer while remaining mindful of its effect on the environment.

By recreating historic & vintage recipes and making them new with exotic scents, curative plants and therapeutic herbs & spices she discovered during trips to the Middle East during her teenage years, Debra is creating a new generation of botanical body care products that showcases the best of both the past and the future of organic formulation.

Like her mother and her grandmother before her, Botanical Earth is writing its own page in the book of the organic bath product marketplace.  By relying on time-honored tradition and inventive formulas, Botanical Earth keeps clients, some of them the same people her grandmother provided soap to, coming back for more.

When it comes to creating innovatively indulgent products that promote sustainability, organic soap maker Debra Hendron has her feet planted solidly on terra firma.


The Future of Botanical Earth

In a true display of the entrepreneurial spirit, Debra has plans to launch a new venture in 2007 in which to share her lifelong knowledge of growing organic botanicals.  MoHerbs will encompass all facets of running an herbal products business from the ground up, including classes such as “Starting an Herbal Product Business 101” for other would-be business owners.  Botanical Earth is also working on new specialty product lines, including seaweed products, and a children’s line called Botanical Babe.  Remaining dedicated to the implementation of client feedback & suggestions, Debra also plans to create more olive oil-based products that do not include coconut for those with allergies.

The future of Botanical Earth looks bright, indeed!


Brochure prepared for Botanical Earth

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