Parasols Boutique – Press Release

The owner of Parasols Boutique came to me looking for a Press Release to announce the launch of her new shop.

She wanted something informative, that was also light & casual to send to her email list.

I think I came up with something that showed off her business and provided potential customers with an enticing read!

That morning meltdown over what to wear may soon be a thing of the past for parents and kids alike. With children’s clothing that mixes casual comfort and fresh design, California apparel company Parasols Boutique is bringing a joyful style to the toddler set.

Modern parents with a fondness for fashion are on the lookout for something more unique than the average pink, blue or yellow onesie. By offering beautiful designs with a sense of fun, Parasols Boutique allows kids to look like little princes and princesses, while still keeping their spirited side.

With a selection of pants, dresses, t-shirts and skirts that combine bright colors and bold patterns in pieces that can stand up to a day of tumbling just as well as at Sunday brunch with Grandma and Grandpa, Parasols Boutique is single-handedly squashing the temper tantrum with a sense of playful style.

Owner Archna Patel has also has committed a proceed of sales at Parasols Boutique to Room 2 Read, an organization that helps children in the developing world gain the lifelong gift of education. By establishing libraries, creating local language children’s literature, constructing schools, and through other opportunities that only education can provide, Room 2 Read strives to break the cycle of poverty, one child at a time.

By offering items that are unique yet simple, and sweet but not fussy, Parasols Boutique allows modern parents and their stylish offspring to make a fashionable statement everywhere from the playground to preschool.

Parasols Boutique’s modern line of baby apparel and gift items can be found online at

For more information about Parasols Boutique, please contact:
Archna Patel
Parasols Boutique

Acorn Studios – Press Release 1


Canadian eco-enterprise Acorn Studios transforms found objects into functionally modern giftware that both celebrates & saves the environment. By combining unorthodox methods with equally unusual recycled materials such as electronic waste, designer Nicola Harper single-handedly sources, cleans & creates uncommon goods that are popular with computer geeks and eco-friendly consumers alike.

Edmonton, Alberta – This Earth Day, Canada's Acorn Studios will add to their already sought-after line of environmentally-friendly giftware when they unveil their new line of inventive handcrafted creations.

Joining an eclectic mix of earth-conscious stores and displays at Edmonton's 17th annual Earth Day festival, artisan Nicola Harper is set to introduce the latest of her ingenious inventions. Celebrating both style & function while still remaining environmentally sound are necklaces & bracelets forged from the wire found inside old computer cables, as well as hand-bound notebooks made from discarded floppy discs and recycled paper.

"I'm making it easier for people to find eco-friendly gifts without scrimping on style," Nicola says. "At the same time, I am following my dream and am thrilled to have a growing customer base worldwide that is as passionate about well designed eco-giftware as I am."

Five years as a Waste Management Engineer and countless trips to local landfills in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta are when Nicola's passions were first sparked. Instead of simply standing by and watching as those raw materials piled up, she decided to combine both her flair for inventing with her dedication for increasing consumer awareness of recycled content products. Quickly, this unique approach grew into an innovative trade that provides her the opportunity to breathe new life into found objects.

Though some consumers don't bat an eyelash when it comes time to abandon their aging, obsolete computers for the next shiny PC in the shop window, this former Environmental Engineering alum from the University of Alberta definitely does.

"I've always been passionate about recycling, and designing products from different reclaimed materials is very fulfilling," she says.

Along with the various family fun activities, main stage of music and green organizations taking part in Canada's largest Earth Day event, Nicola will also be showcasing customer favorites, including Recycled Circuit-board Clocks, Circuit-board Keychains, and, the ultimate in geek chic, magnets made from keyboard keys.

Gone are the days of the tree-hugging hippie. Acorn Studios paints a new picture of environmental commitment that reaches far beyond their functional artware. From their recycled packaging materials to the donation of reusable offcuts to local schools and charities for art projects, every aspect of their day-to-day operation is a well-thought and environmentally responsible decision.

Acorn Studios goes a long way in their goal to create awareness and more sustainable businesses. However, they do so in a refreshing manner that stirs up a sense of fun and intrigue. A quick visit to the Reuse Crafts section on their website will quickly transform the uninformed into the eco-savvy with such inventively functional tutorials as the Recycled Necktie Wallet or the Recycled Car Mirror Shelf projects.
Acorn Studios is more than just an eco-enterprise. It is a way of life.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample, copy or demo), contact Nicola Harper at For current product availability and updates, you may visit

To shop for Acorn Studios' products in person, you will find them at Edmonton's Earth Day festival at Hawrelak Park on Sunday, April 23. More information on the festival can be found at

About Acorn Studios:

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Acorn Studios offers innovative giftware crafted from recycled materials, and prides themselves on their artistry and unfailing attention to detail. Their mission is to increase consumer confidence and awareness of recycled content products, while offering as environmentally sound a product range as possible.

Nicola Harper
Acorn Studios
(780) 432-2288

Spunky Kitty Style – Press Release 1

Charitable Shoppers Warm Heads and Hearts with Cute Critter Caps from Canada's Spunky Kitty

In a true display of heartfelt holiday cheer, Canada's Spunky Kitty is teaming up with children's charity Child's Play to give the gift of happiness to children's hospitals around the world.  By donating 10% of all holiday sales to the charity, designer Caitlin Thompson does double duty, as both a corporate sponsor of Child's Play and also a social activist of sorts, looking to change the way gamers and the gaming community are perceived.

Spunky Kitty's Critter Caps add a quirky twist to cyber fashion, and are the perfect way for kids-at-heart to accessorize.  According to designer Caitlin Thompson, cute isn't – and shouldn't be – just for kids anymore.  Card-carrying gamers, many of whom are young adults, have both the need and the desire to look stylish, as well as the playful disposition to have fun while doing so.  

With fleece critter caps in a variety of species ranging from pandas, bunnies, bears, and of course, kitties, Spunky Kitty's style appeals to guys, gals & fashionable gamers alike looking to adopt the cosplay style into their everyday attire, while giving back to the community.

The cosplay culture, where gamers & gaming enthusiasts dress similarly to the characters in the games they play, takes its inspiration from manga, anime and other Japanese video games.  The fuzzy fleece of Spunky Kitty's endearing creature creations adds a fanciful splash of contemporary cuteness to the bits & bytes of the ultramodern world of gaming.

The Child's Play Charity is further proof that the gaming community is more than simply cyber freaks and geeks planted in front of their PCs.  Founded in 2003 by the authors of popular webcomic, Penny Arcade, the charity is the gaming community's solution to both spreading a little love to children's hospitals, while also shedding a more positive light on a community sometimes thought of as antisocial and sometimes violent.  The charity, it's donators, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars in toys, gifts & donations is evidence that gamers and their supporters can just as easily get caught up in the giving spirit of the holidays.

With a portion of all holiday sales at Spunky Kitty going directly to the Child's Play charity, compassionate shoppers can indulge in some fun retail therapy, and know that a portion of their purchases will go directly to gifts, research and facility improvements that will benefit children's hospitals around the world.

Joining gamers & altruistic types looking to give gifts with more meaning this holiday season, Spunky Kitty's fleece animal-themed hats and other gamer gear are an easy way to spread some warm & fuzzy feelings, while also keeping one's ears toasty throughout the holidays.

For additional information on Child's Play, visit

To shop for Critter Caps by Canada's Spunky Kitty, visit

About Spunky Kitty:

Canadian-based Spunky Kitty creates fleece Critter Caps in a wide variety of fun & fuzzy creatures.  From the furry – bears, bunnies, pandas, and kitties – to the feisty – fox, bobcats, and tigers – to the just plain fun – monkeys, beaver, frogs, and mice – Spunky Kitty's endearing creature creations appeal to guys, gals & fashionable gamers looking to adopt modern accessories with equal parts charm, playfulness, and style.

Caitlin Thompson
Spunky Kitty

Rose Flash – Press Release


Montreal, QC — June 29, 2006 – Montreal-based jewelry designer Valérie Parizeault has taken accessorizing to an entirely new level. In a move that is socially and ethically in style, her chic accessories are quickly on their way to creating an eco-friendly lifestyle brand that promises to revolutionize commerce & educate shoppers on sustainable living.

Attention shoppers…check your attitudes at the door.  The future of fashion is here, and it isn't just about buying into the next big thing. One part social, one part ethical, and uniquely innovative through-and-through, the new face of the marketplace has evolved, and it is undeniably in vogue.

Gone are the inflated egos, and the masses picking over mass-produced disposable deals. At Rose Flash, (, Valérie Parizeault's handcrafted jewelry has evolved far beyond being a mere fashion statement.

Not only does she take from the scrap heap instead of adding to it. At a time when mega-corporations and monster-sized malls pump out endless seas of mass-produced, carbon copy accoutrements, she remodels these remnants into wearable artifacts that reflect the changing mindset of eco-savvy shoppers, and could easily rival any red carpet spangle.

In it for the long haul, Valérie's jewelry line isn't just about setting trends.  She hopes to pass on her long-term vision of recognizing the problems with over consumption and hopes to encourage shoppers to support the use of sustainable goods.

"As a business owner, I think it is important to orientate my business purpose towards those values. The thought of representing the face of eco-friendly oriented jewelry designers is very encouraging in a global perspective."

From the reuse of vintage elements in her pieces, to the custom redesigning & reconstruction of jewelry sent in by customers, this Canadian artisan practices what she preaches.  Both her jewelry & her business philosophy itself are reflective of her spirit: bold, colorful and recognizing of what is both fashionable and ethical.

This same thread of all things ecologically sound runs throughout Valérie's life, and in turn influences her artistic side. Whether it is found in her love of turning once-neglected antiques into newfound wonders, or in her dream to one day own a country house, so she can spend more time hiking, camping & gardening, these aspects of her private life intertwine effortlessly with her business life at Rose Flash, providing a shimmering thread of authenticity and passion that adds an extra flicker of savoir-faire to everything she creates.

This inventiveness has not gone unnoticed. LE VOIR, an arts & culture magazine in Valerie's native Montreal, as well as popular online fashion blog, SheFinds, have both featured Rose Flash's playfully elegant, vegan and eco-friendly jewelry, affirming the public's interest in alternatives to shopping at big-box stores and their affinity for supporting independent artists and artisans.  

Add to that the list of both online and brick & mortar shops currently stocking Valerie's cute-as-a-button Kaléidoscope bracelets, and layered Free Spirit necklaces,
it is obvious that her avant-garde transformation of reclaimed and reused materials into wearable works of art is just as much about whimsy as it is about watchfulness.

Sure, it may be hip to stage a PETA-inspired protest over the use of fur in J. Lo's latest runway show for Sweetface.  And it's easy to feel entitled while sipping your cup of Free Trade coffee as you maneuver your Prius to that parking spot sitting empty, curbside.

But to this visual arts alum from L'Université du Québec à Montréal, it isn't about jumping on the celebrity ecological bandwagon. She is looking for a way to provide artisan-created goods that are equally fashion forward and eco-friendly. And she is doing so, one artfully crafted accessory at a time.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the endless pleas for aid from every environmentally-inspired interest group. Montreal-based accessories company Rose Flash introduces a solution that is accessible to even the most ecologically uninformed. Not only is it is as good for the pocketbook as it is the planet. The added bonus? On any given shopping day at Rose Flash, one can manage both of these feats – and look like the stylishly elite while doing so.

For additional information on Valérie Parizeault & Rose Flash, to shop online or to see a list of boutiques carrying Rose Flash's handcrafted wares, please visit

About Rose Flash:
Rose Flash is a Montreal based handmade jewelry company that creates handcrated and custom jewelry pieces made from recycled & vintage materials. Owner Valérie Parizeault, a visual & graphic artist, earned her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from L'Université du Québec in Montréal.

Valérie Parizeault, Designer
Rose Flash
5668 Cartier, Montreal, QC, H2G 2T9, Canada

Flower Peddler – Press Release 4


With temperatures on the rise, and youngsters ready to get-up-and-go, parents are looking for the best offense in the battle against spring muck & mud.  Natural bath & body company Flower Peddler has added a new line of kid-friendly organic bath products that is sure to show moms, dads, tots & toddlers that it is, indeed, easy being green.

Mechanicsville, PA   March 27, 2007 – In this day and age, 'going green' means something more than eating a salad for lunch.  Michele Keiper, owner of Virginia-based bath & body company Flower Peddler, has formulated an entire line of organically-based salves, balms, and bath-time treats that will help parents stay as cool as cucumbers while keeping their wee ones clean.

As a mom herself, Flower Peddler's Michele Keiper has battled her fair share of drool-chapped chins, ouches and owies.  Instead of reaching for the chemical-laden ointments found on her local pharmacy shelves, Michele rolled up her sleeves and dug deep.  With her eco-friendly idea finally bearing fruit, Flower Peddler's line of naturally-based bath products are set to promote good, clean fun for young sprouts and small fry who fancy a roll in the mud.

Flower Peddler's Little Buds Babycare line has got newborn bottoms covered.  With Baby Oil, Botanical Baby Powder and Bottom Balm delicately-infused with essential oils, such as organic lavender, mandarin and chamomile, babies will be left cooing after their evening bath or bedtime massage.

For youngsters aged 2 to 10, Flower Peddler has also harvested a bushel of kid-friendly items.  The Kidcare line is equally as natural as its younger counterpart, but with the focus squarely on fun.  With ladybug and bumblebee bath bombs in such kid-approved scents as Goofy Green Apple, Banana Blitz and Wawamelon, as well as Bug Balm and Hand & Body Lotion, Flower Peddler will set your Little Buds blooming and Garden Bugz buzzing with excitement come bathtime.

With countless additives and preservatives being put into everything from powders to potions, label savvy moms and dads need to take extra care when picking out products that are safe enough for their young ones.  Flower Peddler's new line of organically formulated bath products for babies and children makes bathtime fun bloom with a host of kid-approved products in organic formulations and fun, jazzy gift & travel sets.

Flower Peddler Natural Bath Products is a family-owned and operated bath & body company specializing in naturally-sourced bath products. All goods are handmade using high-quality, natural ingredients.  

For more information about Flower Peddler and their Little Buds Babycare and Garden Bugz KidCare lines, please visit their Website, or call 804.569.9470

Michel Keiper
Flower Peddler

Essentials For Him – Press Release 1

Essentials for Him came to me with a unique concept – their entire line of bath and body products was exclusively for men!

I knew I wanted to make the Press Release fun and sassy, but still spotlight the originality of this line, and I think I managed to do just that.



Move over, ladies. Get ready to start jockeying for more mirror time. You may have given up the remote long ago, and you’ve learned to leave well enough alone when it comes time to fire up the backyard grill. But a new conflict is set to start brewing, and your bathroom mirror is the battleground.

Essentials for Him ( has made it their mission to save men the world over from the flowery, frilly creams so beloved by their female counterparts.  Not one to shy away from a challenge, owner Michele K., along with her real-life family, has created an entire line of high-quality, naturally-sourced skincare products that would befit any and every Boy’s Club, no matter what their mindset on all things spa-like.

Behind every great man there is a great woman, often armed with her equally impressive stockpile of potions, lotions and ointments that help her put her best face forward. Although it isn’t uncommon to sneak a dab of face cream for a little post-shave R & R, what may be well and good for your best gal just doesn’t cut it for a manly-man such as yourself.

“We developed both our website and the product line to fill a gap in the availability of high-quality, naturally-sourced skincare for men that is reasonably priced,” says Michele. “Men can use the products with confidence and without the embarrassment of using their wife’s or girlfriend’s products.”

Essentials For Him puts on a bold face for men who aren’t too macho to care for their appearance. The perfect mix of superior, organic ingredients and clear-cut application, this innovative and inspired line of lifestyle products are skillfully tailored to the male esthetic.

Armed with the expertise and four years worth experience that came from developing goods for parent company Flower Peddler Natural Bath Products, the Virginia-based team wanted to make a clear distinction between their already successful women’s line and this new, much sought-after men’s line.

These aren’t merely women’s products masked with hefty fragrances and subdued packaging. Each aspect of the product is undeniably masculine, and is taking back the male right to scrub, cleanse and moisturize one big, bold bottle at a time.

‘We spent a lot of time researching and building the product line by getting input from the very people who would be using the products,’ says Michele. ” Our line of products has been completely developed for men – from product development to packaging to marketing and website development.”

Whether opting to get buffed or toned, looking for a face tune up or a quick body detail, every item in the Essentials for Him line is just as playful as it is practical.  Inventive packaging and clever names make sense to both skincare aficionados and neophytes alike.

For those men whose grooming routine doesn’t stray much further than a shave and a haircut, the Essentials for Him team has begun to compile useful tips and tutorials on various skincare regimens, such as the art of the perfect shave.  Couple that with their extensive encyclopedia of product ingredients and the benefits they provide, Essentials For Him is quickly becoming the every man’s one-stop shop on the road to a more polished, put together, all-natural self image.

In a day and age where organic products are king, Essentials for Him are taking their all-natural approach a few steps further by using clean recycled shipping materials whenever possible. Likewise, their use of recyclable product packaging and their efforts to minimize waste during product production makes virtually every aspect of their day-to-day operation like a well-oiled, yet environmentally-friendly machine.

The future of the Essentials for Him empire is already underway.  With more grooming tutorials in the works, their search for a larger production facility and the possibility of a future brick & mortar shop, the team behind Essentials For Him are flinging open the doors of the once-taboo topic of the sharply-coifed man.

The soap aisle isn’t just for the ladies anymore. Essentials for Him is making it okay for discerning dudes and metrosexual men alike to take pride in their appearance without resorting to keeping their penchant for styling potions in the closet.

Essentials For Him is a family-owned and operated bath & body product line specializing in high-quality, naturally-sourced skincare for men.  All goods are handmade using organic ingredients and recyclable packaging. To learn more about Essentials for Him or to purchase their products, please visit them online at

Michele K.
Essentials for Him (a division of Flower Peddler Natural Bath Products)