Sugar Fire Jewellery – Company Profile

When the owner of Sugar Fire Jewellery came to me, she was looking not only for product descriptions to organize her budding business, she also wanted a revamp on her Company Profile to reflect her growing business and to spice up the catalog she was preparing for potential wholesale accounts.

About Sugar Fire Jewellery

Capturing the vitality of nature in layers of shimmering glass, Sugar Fire Jewellery’s line of artful adornment is infused with magic and the skillful designs of Erin McLachlan.

Named for the process by which layers of powdered glass are fired and melted onto metal at 1500°F, Sugar Fire Jewellery’s dazzling pieces paint a picture of the fanciful world around us.

Employing these traditional enameling techniques by fusing the powdered glass onto copper, Erin’s process creates sparkling sugar-like granules that, when cooled, Erin transforms into unique jewellery radiating with bright hues and modern patterns.

With her Nature, Retro, Mod, Classic lines, Erin enhances basic shapes and motifs to create pieces that celebrate the wonder of nature, capturing the awe-inspiring artistry of the natural world and illustrating its beauty through color, pattern and the brilliant glint of glass.

About the Designer

Working as an ecologist at an engineering firm, Toronto designer Erin McLachlan desired a more creative outlet to counterbalance the scientific nature of her work.

Yet, by combining the science of enameling with her creative flair, Erin is able to fuse these two sides of her life together, resulting in a signature style that is skillfully imaginative.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Erin infuses many pieces with natural motifs that help to remind people of the beauty in nature and enables them to feel a closer connection with the environment.

“I like to think that people can wear these pieces and they can serve as a daily reminder of how beautiful and worthy of respect our planet really is.”

Each handcrafted piece reveals Erin’s love of creating and reflects not only her creative spirit, but also mirrors back the uniqueness and inner glow of each individual wearer, allowing every one to truly dazzle.

The Switchboards – Company Profile

As a long-time member of The Switchboards, I was more than thrilled when new owner Caitlin Thompson came to me looking for a new profile to go with the revamp of the website.

One of the premier social site for indie business ladies, I knew I wanted to craft a profile that had a funky edge and showcased the spirit of the site which had helped me along the way during my crafting and entrepreneurial days.

Welcome to The Switchboards!

Founded in 2004 by Leah Pearlman of Uplifting Arts and Vanessa Brady of Gerbera Designs, and now run by VelAwesome Raptor Labs’ Caitlin Thompson, The Switchboards is one of the premiere online resources for creative female entrepreneurs.

But don’t let our x-chromosomes fool you. When it comes to our crafty enterprises, we are DIY’ing it – and we mean business!

It Takes A Village
No woman is an island and TSB offers a virtual gathering place to talk shop, share ideas, encourage others and learn, build and grow your crafter-preneurial spirit.

Gathering around the watercooler is so ’90’s. With photo galleries of crafty creations and projects-in-progress, informative articles and tutorials, and an extensive message forum where you can get the inside scoop from other indie business ladies making a go of it in the marketplace, TSB is a virtual hub of tech, business and craft-savvy women who are changing the face of the business world – all with a dash of sass!

Who (Really) Wears The Pants
Size doesn’t really matter (at least when it comes to your business). Large, small and somewhere in-between, Switchboarders have proven that all that matters is the measure of your ambition.

Are you an upstart looking for inspiration? An established entrepreneur (we would never call you old) looking for a few new tricks? The Switchboards has something to benefit everyone.

Hear Us Roar!
Sure, some of us stitch, and sometimes, we may bitch. But we also craft, create and champion our fellow business women in a creativity-fueled environment. Not a member yet? WE WANT YOU!

The Switchboards – Connecting Creative Women in Craft

Spunky Kitty – Company Profile

For Canadian-based hat designer Caitlin Thompson, thinking outside the box has allowed this Spunky Kitty to earn her creative stripes.  By taking a quirky approach to adult apparel, Spunky Kitty's Critter Caps give full-grown kids-at-heart the opportunity to adopt a fun style with an anime edge.

With fleece hats in a variety of species ranging from the furry – bears, bunnies, pandas, and kitties – to the feisty – fox, bobcats, and tigers – to the just plain fun – monkeys, beaver, frogs, and mice – Spunky Kitty adds a quirky twist to cyber fashion by appealing to guys, gals & fashionable gamers looking to adopt modern accessories with equal parts charm, playfulness, and style.

Every Critter Cap is a designer original – created, crafted and sent to you from Caitlyn's home in Guelph, Ontario. Her stylish take on cyber culture, and her clear-cut dedication to crafting every cap that leaves her shop, makes every Spunky Kitty creation as individualized and extraordinary as each client that dons one of her fuzzy fleece critters.

Wearers of Spunky Kitty's Critter Caps have enthusiastically adopted Caitlyn's own thinking, that looking cute isn't – and shouldn't be – just for kids. Both heartwarmingly lovable and an adorable way to keep toasty, Spunky Kitty's endearing creature creations adds a fanciful splash of contemporary cuteness to the bits & bytes of the ultramodern world of gaming & cyber fashion.  

On A Friday – Company Profile, Platinum Ink

It's only the middle of the week. You've been burning the candle at both ends and you're in serious need of a speedy escape. What's a girl to do when she longs to swap fluorescent office lighting for a poolside lounge chair?  Let the hum and glow of it lull you into a dreamworld…

…of sea-coddled beaches where aromatic, plumeria-infused breezes gently waft over your sun-dappled skin.  The only problem?  The Big Island is an ocean away, and the closest your frequent flyer miles would get you is to the corner juice bar.

Looking for a way to start your weekend early and still meet that looming 3 p.m. deadline on the mainland?  Thumb through the online boutique of On A Friday and you'll swear you just traded in the boardroom for a boarding pass to Paradise.

On A Friday is a virtual Shangri-La of sparkling spangles, sentimental scrapbooks & frames, and personalized greeting cards that rival any sold at the local Hallmark store.  Every item in our collection is infused with the same laid-back, lovingly attentive touches one would expect from any darling shop run by a Hawaii-native.  But On A Friday is not just any shop, and as enchanting as are our handigoods, the only hocus-pocus going on relates to the magical feeling you get when treated like the VIP that you are.   

There is no sleight of hand when designer Liana Miyamura gets her craft on. She exercises no illusions, she employs no smoke and mirrors.  But that doesn't mean she doesn't like to get her hands dirty. In fact, when it comes to On A Friday, Liana's personal attention is evidenced in every aspect, making it feel as if each item is tailor-made for you…and you alone.

Liana hand-selects the semi-precious & precious stones used in her ever-popular earring collection.  She handcrafts every item in her greeting card collection with high-quality cardstock & delightful embellishments.  When you order from On A Friday, get ready to feel like one of the shopping elite.

Because the star treatment doesn't end there.  From the goods – made-to-order in her native Honolulu – to the colorful packaging and personal handwritten thank you notes, every aspect from start to finish reflects Liana's mindset that every customer is special, and deserves to feel that way, without exception …and not just On A Friday!

On A Friday – personal attention…every day of the week.

Flower Peddler – Company Profile

There's no doubt about it. You love your family dearly. But when 12-hour workdays are as familiar to you as your requisite nine-to-five, the familial ties that bind (and bond) us are not always as strong as you'd like.

When your to-do list is growing by the minute, and your PDA is becoming a PITA (or pain in the…well, you know what), how are you going to keep the home fires burning? By adopting the creams and elixirs from Virginia-based bath & body company Flower Peddler into your daily routine, you'll truly feel like you've gone home again.

Although Flower Peddler is family owned and operated, don't get the wrong idea. We're not talking The Godfather here. Sure, owner Michele Keiper's desire to keep the familial bonds in tact is as fierce as The Corleone clan's (if not more so). But you can bet the only heat she & her team are packing is embodied in the commitment and passion with which they create each & every item in their wonderfully extensive catalog.

By treating every customer like kin, Flower Peddler keeps the family dynamic running at an even, if not more relaxed, pace. A soak in the tub armed with your favorite calming Herbal Bath Tea and you are instantly treated to your own personal spa experience. Had a rough day? Skip that sojourn on your therapist's couch. Slink down into the soothing infusion of buttermilk, flower powder, and Epsom salts found in the Peddler Milk Bath and you'll quickly agree that Cleopatra was onto something when she, herself, soaked in milk to keep her skin feeling soft and supple.

From the hair on your head to the tips of your toes, Flower Peddler provides an entire line of spa-quality bath products to pamper every inch of your body. Many of their special formulations, which are infused with an impressive list of exceptional natural ingredients, were inspired by or designed specifically for members of their immediate family.

With a hands-on approach and the utmost attention to detail, you will feel as though every item you buy has been made especially for you. And it has been! Freshly made, packaged and labeled by hand, you cannot help but feel like you have been brought into the family fold when you shop at Flower Peddler.

From production to shipping and all things in-between, it is about more than just meeting the high standards they've set for themselves. It also illustrates the incentive of shopping with smaller, independently owned businesses. When the prospect of being another faceless number on an invoice slip is enough to leave you longing for an escape, do so in style & luxury by supporting a true cottage industry. You will surely reap the rewards of doing so – and your skin will look fantastic!

A little R&R is all it takes to rekindle your love and recapture your sanity. In these times of weekend meetings and late night pow-wows in the boardroom, a quick indulgence in one of Flower Peddler's divine bath & body treats, and you'll be rested, revived, and able to reboot.

Bidwell Botanicals – Company Profile

It's a jungle out there, and those generic soaps and scrubs from the local pharmacy just don't make the cut when it comes time for a little rest & relaxation. If your clients can't remember the last time they stopped to take a breather let alone buff their nails, remind them what it's like to live the good life with decadent personal care products from Georgia's Bidwell Botanicals.

Founded in 2002, the concept for Bidwell Botanicals was simmering on Jill Jones' backburner long before her first delightfully divine concoction of healing herbs and restorative essential oils began to percolate.

With a background in botanicals, organic gardening and aromatherapy, it was a logical step for Jill to utilize these experiences as cornerstones on which to build products that combine the best of science and nature, while at the same time encouraging healthful living.

Working alongside her husband Keith, Jill has produced a host of fragrance-enhanced sugar scrubs, indulgent, skin-pampering soap bars and other extravagantly gourmet body treats in a palette of pleasing colors.

A journey into the Bidwell Botanicals catalog is a feast for the senses. Health-giving plant & fruit extracts, such as orchid, green tea, and pomegranate, relax and help clarify tired minds. Cosmetic additives such as silk powder intermingle with jojoba oil and mango butter to soften and soothe tense bodies. Superior quality fragrance and essential oils tantalize and help regenerate the spirit.

All items are individually made-to-order from first-class ingredients provided by local & worldwide organic farmers, beekeepers, and Fair Trade organizations, allowing Bidwell Botanicals to grow from its initial concept to a company with cosmopolitan appeal.

Bidwell Botanicals was recently invited to sell in's invitation-only Beauty Section, alongside such globally recognized companies as Philosophies, Origins, Molton Brown and L'Occitane. Our spa, bath and body products transform guestrooms, day-spas and weekend retreats into fanciful hideaways fit for high society.

While clients can make retail purchases on our website, Bidwell Botanicals is also strongly focused on obtaining and nurturing long-lasting relationships with wholesale clients by providing detailed product information and complimentary in-store testers. Spa and salon customers enjoy professional sizing and very competitive pricing on each of our elegantly packaged, and display-ready products. Our custom formulation, private label and drop shipping options further illustrate our strong commitment to unsurpassed customer service.

At Bidwell Botanicals, we also believe in the importance of showing respect to our planet and the people we share it with. To this end, we give back to environmental causes each year, and we seek out other companies and suppliers that are providing quality products and promoting fair trade and ethical business practices. In an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated, we also reuse or recycle packaging materials whenever possible.

From bills to the boardroom, family time to fitness sessions at the gym, 'me time' has become a foreign concept. With personal body care products that help rejuvenate mind, body and spirit, Bidwell Botanicals invite you on a journey of natural enlightenment through unabashed aromatic luxury.

Pea Pod Announcements – Company Profile

Like seedlings planted underground awaiting spring, for Heather Manor, the idea to start her own business was firmly rooted at home – with her kids.

While studying at nursing school, Heather was delighted to be spending more time at home with her own little ones, and in them, found the inspiration to help other parents celebrate the blossoming of their own families.

Armed with an abundance of talent and an inventive idea, Heather put her plan into motion. The result? A truly one-of-a-kind source of bold colors, vibrant accents and a palette of playful patterns to suit the taste of discerning parents everywhere looking to announce the arrival of their newborns with an added touch of sweet style. With the addition of clever invitations and stylish thank you cards, as well as Heather's behind-the scenes nurturing and cultivation of fun, new ideas, Pea Pod Announcements began to rapidly grow and bloom!

Determined to build upon the flourishing demand for her one-of-a-kind, fully customizable creations, Heather enlisted the help of her best friend Missi to build Pea Pod Announcements into a truly blue-ribbon worthy brand.

Whether the Pea Pod team are adding new designs to their ever-expanding family of paper products, or working behind the scenes to retain the highest level of customer service, they do so by adding a breath of fresh style to everything they touch.

Pea Pod Announcements – your source for birth announcements, holiday cards, invitations, and stationery that are truly the cream of the crop.

Contact Information:: Reach us – 24/7 – via email —

…or during regular business hours by telephone–

Pea Pod Announcements is located in Tennessee.

Care to Bead – Company Profile

For jewelry designer Kathi Kupferschmid, Care to Bead is a way for her to nourish and rejuvenate her spirit. As caregiver & nurturer to her husband, who was diagnosed with ALS, Kathi’s one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets, pendants, and other hand-strung beaded accessories are more than simple adornments. They are talismans that soothe and heal.

Whether with energy-boosting Carnelian, through the protective & soothing qualities of Jade, or in the strength-giving spirit of Agate, Care to Bead has given the ancient art of storytelling a fashionable makeover.

Through Kathi’s recognizable artistry, Care to Bead jewelry & accessories spread tangible joy to her endless list of satisfied clients.

The language of love is not always found between the covers of a book. Instead, for Kathi Kupferschmid, they are often spelled out in beads & baubles; with colorful crystals & gemstones, and illuminated by glimmering glass, and shimmering sterling silver.

AM Designworks – Company Profile

Pixel by pixel, graphic designer Allison Biggs is inspiring other entrepreneurs to pursue their own dreams. By illuminating her modern style with nuances of fine art, Allison illustrates how a professional image can transform one’s business from still life to spirited.

With a Bachelors Degree in Communication Media, a concentration in Graphic Design and a Minor in Fine Art from Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts, Allison creates a class of multidimensional printed matter & web media products that are as captivating as they are functional.

While Allison has been taking on freelance design projects since graduating in 2003, the official launch of amdesignworks in 2007 is Allison’s rendition of leading by example. As an entrepreneur, she understands the fear factor of not only striking out on one’s own, but also the trepidation small business owners face when trying to determine the best way to project a professional image.

Allison’s resolve to overcome those very things for the good of her own company has instilled in her clients a rejuvenated confidence that helps them to identify their own goals, gives them the drive to reach for them, and allows them to dream of one day surpassing them.

With artfully applied brushstrokes of creativity, contemporary style, and an abundance of moxie, Allison’s fresh approach to contemporary design gives each client the foundation – and the charisma – upon which to build a dynamically rewarding business.

amdesignworks provides graphic design services in the following categories:

  • Personal & Professional Identity: Business Cards, Letterheads, Logo Design, Product Labels
  • Print Media: Brochures, Magazine Advertisements, Postcards
  • Web Identity: Website Design

On A Friday – Company Profile, Company Ink Style

Handmade with love, and crafted in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, On A Friday provides high-quality accessories & gifts that are elegant in their simplicity, and display the same distinctive beauty indicative of their island origin.

Designer Liana Miyamura hand-selects the semi-precious & precious stones used in her ever-popular earring collection. She handcrafts every item in her greeting card collection with high-quality cardstock & delightful embellishments.

When you order from On A Friday, get ready to feel like one of the shopping elite. Because the star treatment doesn't end there.

From the goods to the colorful packaging and personal handwritten thank you notes, every aspect from start to finish reflects Liana's mindset that every customer is special, and deserves to feel that way, without exception …and not just On A Friday!

Inspired not only by her beautiful island surroundings, but also the ideas that come to her and her biggest supporter – her husband, Mark – during their weekly ritual of Friday bubble teas over the dawning sunrise, Liana puts a magical touch on every thing she creates, in the hopes that the same magical feeling is passed onto her many clients.

In fact, pleasing her customers is always on her mind. Whether hosting an online or in-home shopping party, or while taking jewelry classes to improve her skills, this creative Hawaiian is diligently dedicated to giving to her customers a one-of-a-kind experience.

On A Friday – personal attention…every day of the week.