Acorn Studios – Press Release 1


Canadian eco-enterprise Acorn Studios transforms found objects into functionally modern giftware that both celebrates & saves the environment. By combining unorthodox methods with equally unusual recycled materials such as electronic waste, designer Nicola Harper single-handedly sources, cleans & creates uncommon goods that are popular with computer geeks and eco-friendly consumers alike.

Edmonton, Alberta – This Earth Day, Canada's Acorn Studios will add to their already sought-after line of environmentally-friendly giftware when they unveil their new line of inventive handcrafted creations.

Joining an eclectic mix of earth-conscious stores and displays at Edmonton's 17th annual Earth Day festival, artisan Nicola Harper is set to introduce the latest of her ingenious inventions. Celebrating both style & function while still remaining environmentally sound are necklaces & bracelets forged from the wire found inside old computer cables, as well as hand-bound notebooks made from discarded floppy discs and recycled paper.

"I'm making it easier for people to find eco-friendly gifts without scrimping on style," Nicola says. "At the same time, I am following my dream and am thrilled to have a growing customer base worldwide that is as passionate about well designed eco-giftware as I am."

Five years as a Waste Management Engineer and countless trips to local landfills in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta are when Nicola's passions were first sparked. Instead of simply standing by and watching as those raw materials piled up, she decided to combine both her flair for inventing with her dedication for increasing consumer awareness of recycled content products. Quickly, this unique approach grew into an innovative trade that provides her the opportunity to breathe new life into found objects.

Though some consumers don't bat an eyelash when it comes time to abandon their aging, obsolete computers for the next shiny PC in the shop window, this former Environmental Engineering alum from the University of Alberta definitely does.

"I've always been passionate about recycling, and designing products from different reclaimed materials is very fulfilling," she says.

Along with the various family fun activities, main stage of music and green organizations taking part in Canada's largest Earth Day event, Nicola will also be showcasing customer favorites, including Recycled Circuit-board Clocks, Circuit-board Keychains, and, the ultimate in geek chic, magnets made from keyboard keys.

Gone are the days of the tree-hugging hippie. Acorn Studios paints a new picture of environmental commitment that reaches far beyond their functional artware. From their recycled packaging materials to the donation of reusable offcuts to local schools and charities for art projects, every aspect of their day-to-day operation is a well-thought and environmentally responsible decision.

Acorn Studios goes a long way in their goal to create awareness and more sustainable businesses. However, they do so in a refreshing manner that stirs up a sense of fun and intrigue. A quick visit to the Reuse Crafts section on their website will quickly transform the uninformed into the eco-savvy with such inventively functional tutorials as the Recycled Necktie Wallet or the Recycled Car Mirror Shelf projects.
Acorn Studios is more than just an eco-enterprise. It is a way of life.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample, copy or demo), contact Nicola Harper at For current product availability and updates, you may visit

To shop for Acorn Studios' products in person, you will find them at Edmonton's Earth Day festival at Hawrelak Park on Sunday, April 23. More information on the festival can be found at

About Acorn Studios:

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Acorn Studios offers innovative giftware crafted from recycled materials, and prides themselves on their artistry and unfailing attention to detail. Their mission is to increase consumer confidence and awareness of recycled content products, while offering as environmentally sound a product range as possible.

Nicola Harper
Acorn Studios
(780) 432-2288

AM Designworks – Company Profile

Pixel by pixel, graphic designer Allison Biggs is inspiring other entrepreneurs to pursue their own dreams. By illuminating her modern style with nuances of fine art, Allison illustrates how a professional image can transform one’s business from still life to spirited.

With a Bachelors Degree in Communication Media, a concentration in Graphic Design and a Minor in Fine Art from Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts, Allison creates a class of multidimensional printed matter & web media products that are as captivating as they are functional.

While Allison has been taking on freelance design projects since graduating in 2003, the official launch of amdesignworks in 2007 is Allison’s rendition of leading by example. As an entrepreneur, she understands the fear factor of not only striking out on one’s own, but also the trepidation small business owners face when trying to determine the best way to project a professional image.

Allison’s resolve to overcome those very things for the good of her own company has instilled in her clients a rejuvenated confidence that helps them to identify their own goals, gives them the drive to reach for them, and allows them to dream of one day surpassing them.

With artfully applied brushstrokes of creativity, contemporary style, and an abundance of moxie, Allison’s fresh approach to contemporary design gives each client the foundation – and the charisma – upon which to build a dynamically rewarding business.

amdesignworks provides graphic design services in the following categories:

  • Personal & Professional Identity: Business Cards, Letterheads, Logo Design, Product Labels
  • Print Media: Brochures, Magazine Advertisements, Postcards
  • Web Identity: Website Design

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry – Editorial Content

The World In Watercolor

As the last of the leaves have fallen and a chill settles across the countryside, have your dreams shifted to far-flung exotic places?

If your passport has its own layer of dust, and the last time you had any sort of passbook updated was at the bank, Ananda Khalsa's breathtaking line of Asian-inspired art jewelry is your ticket to a magical world of life captured in watercolor.

Deeply inspired by the symbolism of nature, each piece crafted by Ananda invites you to see the world in her eyes. Both plants and animals are painstakingly painted onto paper, and then showcased behind glass.  Stone & bead accents add a layer of bejeweled elegance, and provide a breathe of femininity to the cool, sleek metal settings in which every illustration is set.

This is wearable art in its truest form.  From conception to completion; from meticulous design to imaginative ornamentation; you will feel as though you are curator of your own personal art collection when you choose any pendant, ring or pair of earrings from Ananda's collection.

One can truly travel around the world and back again, simply by immersing themselves in Ananda Khalsa's vivacious world – a world where fragrant blooms, such as orchid and plum blossom, perfume your senses; where the stately willow lovingly nurtures; and where dragonflies bring love & joy on flickering crystalline wings.

anise+currant – Editorial Content

Day-Spa-Tripping for the Modern Gal

Have you heard the latest dish?  Your local health & wellness retreat has made the move from seaweed wraps to the information superhighway. And you're the one who is set to clean up.

anise&currant, the newly-launched go-to site for all things bath, body and abode, is subsequently poised to be THE authority on sweet-scented elixirs, suds and balms.  Resident scent sleuth at anise&currant, Kristen Magee is on her way to compiling an impressive list of companies specializing in spa products.

While dressing table standbys, such as candles and soap, are well represented, Kristen adds an extra level of cachet to the directory by seeking out products that, until recently, were more scarcely represented by smaller designers, including cosmetics & perfume.

The true beauty of any directory website is that of discovery.  Browsing through the indexed listings, I am pleasantly surprised by the list of indie staples, as well as a number of shops I had not heard of before.  From Kristen's own Beccalights, to my new discovery of the cheekily-named Villainess, anise&currant's showing of products promising to soothe, detoxify & de-stress is proof that the bath, body, candle and cosmetic markets are on the rise when it comes to home-based ventures.

Beccalights' impressive range of candles, scent melts and room sprays is only outrivaled by the incredible scents!  I personally own her Tannenbaum, Carmelized Chestnuts and Pumpkin Cheesecake candle tins, the latter of which I have to admit to continually opening and reopening, just to breathe in the realistically divine scent.  These candles are richly infused with aromatic blends without being overpowering.  With the addition of more new scents every season, Beccalights truly lives up to its tagline promise to "scent your world".

Browsing around the website of my new discovery Villainess, I am struck by not only the endless list of scents in her Smooch! And Sudz lines, but also by Brooke's combination of sassy wit, practical employ of traditional soapmaking, and the tongue-in-cheek naming of her fragrant "skin-friendly" goodies.  With sinful treats such as the appropriately-named Decadence Smooch!, I would gladly adopt the Villainess lifestyle if that means being able to spoil myself daily with the milky concoction that promises to exfoliate as well as moisturize in one fell swoop.

The days of being wrapped up in bandages mummy-style are over (unless, of course, you are busy preparing for your best friend's Halloween party).  Today's spas are au courant, and instead of stealing away to some secluded hideaway, now you can find the latest pampering products with the click of a computer mouse.

It is easy to become overwhelmed when faced with the sheer magnitude of fragrances, flavors, and colors, not to mention the clays, minerals, and herbs formulated into bath & body products.  But anise&currant's department-store directory layout is intuitive to shoppers both informed and those who are not so.
With a sudsy sampling of the best in bath & body, as well as an expanding collection of candle makers, cosmetic chemists and perfumeries all in one easy-to-navigate directory, you won't have to run yourself ragged in order to hit them all.

Then again…you just may want to.  It will give you the perfect excuse to spoil yourself with a little extra face time at

Bidwell Botanicals – Company Profile

It's a jungle out there, and those generic soaps and scrubs from the local pharmacy just don't make the cut when it comes time for a little rest & relaxation. If your clients can't remember the last time they stopped to take a breather let alone buff their nails, remind them what it's like to live the good life with decadent personal care products from Georgia's Bidwell Botanicals.

Founded in 2002, the concept for Bidwell Botanicals was simmering on Jill Jones' backburner long before her first delightfully divine concoction of healing herbs and restorative essential oils began to percolate.

With a background in botanicals, organic gardening and aromatherapy, it was a logical step for Jill to utilize these experiences as cornerstones on which to build products that combine the best of science and nature, while at the same time encouraging healthful living.

Working alongside her husband Keith, Jill has produced a host of fragrance-enhanced sugar scrubs, indulgent, skin-pampering soap bars and other extravagantly gourmet body treats in a palette of pleasing colors.

A journey into the Bidwell Botanicals catalog is a feast for the senses. Health-giving plant & fruit extracts, such as orchid, green tea, and pomegranate, relax and help clarify tired minds. Cosmetic additives such as silk powder intermingle with jojoba oil and mango butter to soften and soothe tense bodies. Superior quality fragrance and essential oils tantalize and help regenerate the spirit.

All items are individually made-to-order from first-class ingredients provided by local & worldwide organic farmers, beekeepers, and Fair Trade organizations, allowing Bidwell Botanicals to grow from its initial concept to a company with cosmopolitan appeal.

Bidwell Botanicals was recently invited to sell in's invitation-only Beauty Section, alongside such globally recognized companies as Philosophies, Origins, Molton Brown and L'Occitane. Our spa, bath and body products transform guestrooms, day-spas and weekend retreats into fanciful hideaways fit for high society.

While clients can make retail purchases on our website, Bidwell Botanicals is also strongly focused on obtaining and nurturing long-lasting relationships with wholesale clients by providing detailed product information and complimentary in-store testers. Spa and salon customers enjoy professional sizing and very competitive pricing on each of our elegantly packaged, and display-ready products. Our custom formulation, private label and drop shipping options further illustrate our strong commitment to unsurpassed customer service.

At Bidwell Botanicals, we also believe in the importance of showing respect to our planet and the people we share it with. To this end, we give back to environmental causes each year, and we seek out other companies and suppliers that are providing quality products and promoting fair trade and ethical business practices. In an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated, we also reuse or recycle packaging materials whenever possible.

From bills to the boardroom, family time to fitness sessions at the gym, 'me time' has become a foreign concept. With personal body care products that help rejuvenate mind, body and spirit, Bidwell Botanicals invite you on a journey of natural enlightenment through unabashed aromatic luxury.