Acorn Studios

For Nicola Harper, it wasn't just about introducing Acorn Studios' environmentally-friendly giftware to the world.  It was also about showing how deeply her dedication to the cause goes.  Her modern approach as an earth conscious designer was eye-opening, and her revolutionary thinking is something I hope readers will also adopt in their day-to-day lives after reading this news release.

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Bidwell Botanicals

Jill came to Outstanding Ink when she needed a Company Profile that was more suited toward her high-end, spa and boutique clients. She wanted to present a professional, yet creative profile that would appeal to the different types of clients and media that Bidwell Botanicals deals with.

Essentials For Him

After working with Michele for her botanically-based bath company, Flower Peddler, it was great to see how she transformed her original business to include men in the mix. After all, men need to be pampered, too!

Flower Peddler

We have worked with Michele Keiper on multiple occasions to promote her bath & body business, Flower Peddler. Michele is always coming up with unique ways to expand her business, and working with her is always a treat! 

On A Friday

Jewelry designer Liana Miyamura came to us looking for a profile that would be a great start to her company press kit.  We prepared 2 different versions for her, in each of our writing styles, so Liana could select the profile that would best reflect the philosophy of her company.

Rose Flash

Jewelry designer Valerie Parizeault came to Outstanding Ink with a mission in mind – to spotlight her unique business model of nurturing one's uniqueness while still contributing positively to a societal issue.  The press release we prepared for Valerie showcased her unique approach to living an eco-friendly lifestyle, made even more beautiful with fashion forward accessories.