Adorabelle Pettiskirts – Product Copy

I worked with Adorabelle Pettiskirts on a variety of their sweet pettiskirts. When owner Candice had a website redesign done, she wanted to refresh her copy.

It was a challenge to come up with so many different product descriptions, since the difference between some of the designs was simply the size (one for newborns, another for toddlers).

bBut I feel I captured the essence of her brand, and managed to craft copy that would entice Mom’s to treat their daughters to the unique designs Adorabelle had to offer!
Here are a few samples of what I came up with!

Solid Pink Pettiskirt
She’ll shimmer and shine when she slips into these pretty puffs of pale pink. Dreamy and light, this splendid candy-colored delight will make her spirit sparkle.

Pink Newborn Pettiskirt
A bestseller for proud Moms and Dads who want to show off their little darling, your precious little girl will shine as bright as a star in pretty puffs of pale pink.


Solid Raspberry Pink Pettiskirt
Sweet lush raspberry ruffles are the ultimate indulgence for your spirited young lady. She’ll primp and preen like a dancing queen in this lighthearted little frock.

Raspberry Pink Newborn Pettiskirt
Nothing could be sweeter than gorgeous raspberry pink ruffles. You’ll be blushing with pride when introducing your beautiful new baby in wispy layers of berry-hued chiffon.


Turquoise Blue Newborn Pettiskirt
Bright and gentle turquoise is the perfect color to welcome your newborn into the world. A calming hue, this Turquoise Blue Pettiskirt has a sweet feminine feel.

Solid Turquoise Blue Pettiskirt
Fresh and fun, this Turquoise Pettiskirt looks positively tropical when paired with crisp white or has a glitter-dusted festive feel when accented with silver.


Solid Brown Pettiskirt
Earthy brown frills add a subtle spice to your daughter’s Fall fashions. Ultra-stylish and enriching, this warm-toned pettiskirt is a heartfelt display of her love for fashion.


Cherry Blossom Pink Pettiskirt
Feminine pink gets a cheery infusion! A peppy hue for the spirited little sprite in your life, this Cherry Blossom Pink Pettiskirt will highlight her playful side.


White Newborn Pettiskirt
Wispy layers of white chiffon are perfectly simple for your fashionable little angel. As fanciful as fairy-dust and feather-light.

Solid White Pettiskirt
Downy soft like the plumes of a feather, she’ll have the time of her life twisting and twirling in this splendid little Solid White Pettiskirt.


Pink With Raspberry Ruffles Newborn Skirt
A blush of pale pink gets rosy with layers of raspberry ruffles. Your blossoming little bundle will brighten and delight those near and dear.

Pink With Raspberry Ruffles Pettiskirt
Pale pink gets a pop of peek-a-boo color! Vivacious raspberry ruffles add electrifying intrigue to this unblushingly girly design.


Solid Lavender Purple Pettiskirt
Petal-soft layers of delicate lavender chiffon are delightfully airy for your little fairy princess. Pale purple chiffon brings a cheerful lightness to playing dress-up or for fancy occasions.


Pettiskirts for Girls
Adorabelle Girls’ Pettiskirts are made from the softest, high-quality chiffon.

Our signature adjustable button-embellished elastic waistband makes each skirt a custom fit, allowing your little princess years of playing dress-up or getting gussied up and accessorized for holidays, pageants, parties or portraits.

Fun, frilly and fashion-forward, these skirts are a perfect fit for your stylish young Miss. Girly…Trendy…Chic!


Pettiskirts for Newborns
Our Newborn Pettiskirts are a surefire shower gift, memorable Mother’s keepsake or perfect for her homecoming from the hospital or first family photo.

An adjustable button-embellished elastic waistband allows for a custom fit as your baby grows.

A delicate cascade of the softest, high-quality chiffon, your beautiful baby girl will be breathtaking, inspiring oohs and awws from everyone she meets.

The perfect skirt for all of your newborn’s firsts. Girly…Trendy…Chic!