The Importance of Consistent Marketing

When you started thinking about branding your business, did your first thoughts turn to putting together a consistent look to all your marketing materials?

From your letterhead to your business cards and your website, having a consistent look across the board is the key to building your company’s image.

Having a consistent marketing schedule is equally as important. Keeping your name at the forefront of your customer’s mind can benefit your business in so many ways.

You should think of your marketing as an ongoing task, rather than a one-time thing. Sending out a newsletter once a year isn’t going to do much to keep customers interested. You need to give them a little nudge every now and then, and setting up a marketing schedule is just the ticket.

When to Market
Obviously, the big holidays are the perfect time to reach out to customers. Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and beyond – each holiday can be a great time to touch base and let clients know what’s going on with you and your business.

It is also a good time to tie in any related products or services you offer. Gift packages, discounts and other promotional items can make great updates.

But what if you don’t sell anything holiday-related? Or you sell a service? Or you are an author or artist?

Be creative! Thinks of ways you can tie what you’re selling into a holiday. Here are a few ideas:

  • Authors – book release dates, March Break or Summer reading picks, special week-long promotions, World Book Day, National Poetry Month, Banned Books Week, or choose your favorite author and send out a promotion in his/her birthday!
  • Artists/Artisans – exhibit or event days, local Arts Appreciation weeks, birthdays or anniversaries of your favorite modern artist, or tie your marketing to a new exhibition at your local museum


It’s Not All About You
One important thing to remember is to make sure you add a personal touch to your marketing efforts. Customers are bombarded with ads every day, so by adding something unique to your newsletter or email marketing is a way to not only stand out, but hopefully engage your customers.

Show how what you sell can benefit them. Share the story of how you became inspired to do what you do. Invite them behind-the-scenes with a tutorial, tour or information in your creative process. It will give them insight into you and your business, and show that you care about them (and not just their wallets).


Newsletter & Email Marketing Bundles Make It Easy
At Outstanding Ink, I offer various Email and Website Marketing Bundles that can help you to set up a consistent marketing schedule.

Whether you are looking for an individual piece of writing, or want to put together a weekly, monthly, by-monthly or even yearly campaign, I can help you to decide what information will best engage your clients, customers, readers or fans.

Check out my Website and Email Marketing pages to see how I can help you to build a stronger relationship with your clients.


It’s All About Trust
By staying in touch with clients and customers, you start to build a relationship, but you have to be sure to nurture that relationship through ongoing contact.

With just a few periodic emails or newsletters, you can keep them updated, engaged, and build a sense of trust that they will remember when it comes time to make a buying decision.