Trendy Bambino – Website Marketing

Trendy Bambino was looking for copy that would showcase her unique site featuring trendy, fun and affordable clothing for kids.

Her catalog features cool clothing and accessories for kids that allow them to stand out in style, so I knew that I wanted to really play up the fashionista angle!

Here are a few samples of website content and the Trendy Bambino “About Us” copy I wrote.


Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Trendy Bambino is a specially curated collection of affordable couture for kids. Your little one will be itching to “cat-walk”, toddle or crawl to every play date or family function in the stand-out fashions offered from this Toronto-based company.

What began as owner Candice Pirali’s own belief that the modern infant deserves to show off their style (even if they don’t know their binky from their blankie yet) has grown to a thriving, one-stop shop for unique fashions.

The Trendy Bambino approach to business offers the personal approach of an independent boutique with a carefully selected catalog and a convenient pick-up service for local shoppers. By sourcing items according to customer requests, Trendy Bambino also acts as a personal shopper of sorts, creating an extraordinary relationship with shoppers instead of simply selling to them.

At Trendy Bambino, kids will never be too stylish for their shirts, skirts, or any of the other one-of-a-kind outfits that won’t break your budget. Equally modern and kid-friendly, Trendy Bambino will allow your little one to make a fashionable first impression and leave all the other kids goo-gooing and gaa-gaaing with envy.

Has your search for cute, stylish clothes turned into a quest of epic proportions?

Trendy Bambino has come to the rescue! Fashion-hunting to uncover the latest one-of-a-kind treasures that won’t break your budget, Trendy Bambino is always hot on the trail of the latest in affordable kids couture.

Click here – and let the adventure begin!

Sugar Fire Jewellery – Company Profile

When the owner of Sugar Fire Jewellery came to me, she was looking not only for product descriptions to organize her budding business, she also wanted a revamp on her Company Profile to reflect her growing business and to spice up the catalog she was preparing for potential wholesale accounts.

About Sugar Fire Jewellery

Capturing the vitality of nature in layers of shimmering glass, Sugar Fire Jewellery’s line of artful adornment is infused with magic and the skillful designs of Erin McLachlan.

Named for the process by which layers of powdered glass are fired and melted onto metal at 1500°F, Sugar Fire Jewellery’s dazzling pieces paint a picture of the fanciful world around us.

Employing these traditional enameling techniques by fusing the powdered glass onto copper, Erin’s process creates sparkling sugar-like granules that, when cooled, Erin transforms into unique jewellery radiating with bright hues and modern patterns.

With her Nature, Retro, Mod, Classic lines, Erin enhances basic shapes and motifs to create pieces that celebrate the wonder of nature, capturing the awe-inspiring artistry of the natural world and illustrating its beauty through color, pattern and the brilliant glint of glass.

About the Designer

Working as an ecologist at an engineering firm, Toronto designer Erin McLachlan desired a more creative outlet to counterbalance the scientific nature of her work.

Yet, by combining the science of enameling with her creative flair, Erin is able to fuse these two sides of her life together, resulting in a signature style that is skillfully imaginative.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Erin infuses many pieces with natural motifs that help to remind people of the beauty in nature and enables them to feel a closer connection with the environment.

“I like to think that people can wear these pieces and they can serve as a daily reminder of how beautiful and worthy of respect our planet really is.”

Each handcrafted piece reveals Erin’s love of creating and reflects not only her creative spirit, but also mirrors back the uniqueness and inner glow of each individual wearer, allowing every one to truly dazzle.

Adorabelle Pettiskirts – Product Copy

I worked with Adorabelle Pettiskirts on a variety of their sweet pettiskirts. When owner Candice had a website redesign done, she wanted to refresh her copy.

It was a challenge to come up with so many different product descriptions, since the difference between some of the designs was simply the size (one for newborns, another for toddlers).

bBut I feel I captured the essence of her brand, and managed to craft copy that would entice Mom’s to treat their daughters to the unique designs Adorabelle had to offer!
Here are a few samples of what I came up with!

Solid Pink Pettiskirt
She’ll shimmer and shine when she slips into these pretty puffs of pale pink. Dreamy and light, this splendid candy-colored delight will make her spirit sparkle.

Pink Newborn Pettiskirt
A bestseller for proud Moms and Dads who want to show off their little darling, your precious little girl will shine as bright as a star in pretty puffs of pale pink.


Solid Raspberry Pink Pettiskirt
Sweet lush raspberry ruffles are the ultimate indulgence for your spirited young lady. She’ll primp and preen like a dancing queen in this lighthearted little frock.

Raspberry Pink Newborn Pettiskirt
Nothing could be sweeter than gorgeous raspberry pink ruffles. You’ll be blushing with pride when introducing your beautiful new baby in wispy layers of berry-hued chiffon.


Turquoise Blue Newborn Pettiskirt
Bright and gentle turquoise is the perfect color to welcome your newborn into the world. A calming hue, this Turquoise Blue Pettiskirt has a sweet feminine feel.

Solid Turquoise Blue Pettiskirt
Fresh and fun, this Turquoise Pettiskirt looks positively tropical when paired with crisp white or has a glitter-dusted festive feel when accented with silver.


Solid Brown Pettiskirt
Earthy brown frills add a subtle spice to your daughter’s Fall fashions. Ultra-stylish and enriching, this warm-toned pettiskirt is a heartfelt display of her love for fashion.


Cherry Blossom Pink Pettiskirt
Feminine pink gets a cheery infusion! A peppy hue for the spirited little sprite in your life, this Cherry Blossom Pink Pettiskirt will highlight her playful side.


White Newborn Pettiskirt
Wispy layers of white chiffon are perfectly simple for your fashionable little angel. As fanciful as fairy-dust and feather-light.

Solid White Pettiskirt
Downy soft like the plumes of a feather, she’ll have the time of her life twisting and twirling in this splendid little Solid White Pettiskirt.


Pink With Raspberry Ruffles Newborn Skirt
A blush of pale pink gets rosy with layers of raspberry ruffles. Your blossoming little bundle will brighten and delight those near and dear.

Pink With Raspberry Ruffles Pettiskirt
Pale pink gets a pop of peek-a-boo color! Vivacious raspberry ruffles add electrifying intrigue to this unblushingly girly design.


Solid Lavender Purple Pettiskirt
Petal-soft layers of delicate lavender chiffon are delightfully airy for your little fairy princess. Pale purple chiffon brings a cheerful lightness to playing dress-up or for fancy occasions.


Pettiskirts for Girls
Adorabelle Girls’ Pettiskirts are made from the softest, high-quality chiffon.

Our signature adjustable button-embellished elastic waistband makes each skirt a custom fit, allowing your little princess years of playing dress-up or getting gussied up and accessorized for holidays, pageants, parties or portraits.

Fun, frilly and fashion-forward, these skirts are a perfect fit for your stylish young Miss. Girly…Trendy…Chic!


Pettiskirts for Newborns
Our Newborn Pettiskirts are a surefire shower gift, memorable Mother’s keepsake or perfect for her homecoming from the hospital or first family photo.

An adjustable button-embellished elastic waistband allows for a custom fit as your baby grows.

A delicate cascade of the softest, high-quality chiffon, your beautiful baby girl will be breathtaking, inspiring oohs and awws from everyone she meets.

The perfect skirt for all of your newborn’s firsts. Girly…Trendy…Chic!

Free Tree Rewards – Email Marketing

Free Tree Rewards came to me with a unique spin on Customer Loyalty Rewards programs, and I was happy to come up with a few pitch letters to help spread the word about their launch.

They were introducing a cool new concept in online shopping, where small online boutiques share virtual shelf-space and allow shoppers to use their accumulated Customer Loyalty points to shop at any of the stores (not just the one they earned their points at).

I came up with information for potential shoppers, as well as boutique owners who would hopefully sign up to the program and to press contacts, who would hopefully help spread the word about this cool new way of shopping!


Does the thought of another shopping rewards program cause your eyes to glaze over? An exciting new approach to the Customer Loyalty Program, Free Tree Rewards puts the power of buying back in your hands.

With the spirit of an artisans market, Free Tree Rewards provides a virtually connected marketplace where customers can shop, earn and redeem their reward points.

Do you have accumulated shopping rewards points that are gathering dust because you have no interest in shopping at that same store yet again? Would you be more inclined to use your points if you had a better selection of shops you could redeem them in?

With points that never expire, unlimited earning opportunities, and a higher percentage of points than other rewards programs, shoppers are given the freedom to redeem their earned loyalty points in any of the participating small online boutiques.

Free Tree Rewards is not just another Customer Loyalty program. Our inspired method will get you excited about shopping again. To find out how Free Tree Rewards is set to breathe new life into the online shopping experience, please contact me for a Free Tree Rewards information package.

Free Tree Rewards – Website Marketing

I was really excited to work with Free Tree Rewards. They were introducing a cool new concept in online shopping, where small online boutiques share virtual shelf-space and allow shoppers to use their accumulated Customer Loyalty points to shop at any of the stores (not just the one they earned their points at).

I knew I wasn’t the only person who had a million reward program cards gathering dust in my wallet, and I wanted to help bring exposure to this cool new concept with some killer copy!

Besides pitch letters to boutique owners as well as press contact, I wrote this straight-forward copy for users who visited the Free Tree Rewards website to give them a clear, concise picture of how the program worked.


Your Free Tree Rewards account is a customer loyalty program with a bonus!
– Free account with no hidden fees
– Higher percentage of points than other rewards programs
– Earn additional points by referring friends & participating shops, or becoming a Facebook fan

Say goodbye to unused rewards points! See how easy it is to turn your accumulated points into free goods…

Get excited about shopping again with the Free Tree Rewards program!
– Earn points with every purchase from a Free Tree Rewards partner shop
– No limit to the number of points earned & points never expire
– Different earning levels allow you to bank your points until you are ready to redeem them

Find out how Free Tree Rewards makes it easy to earn MORE customer rewards than other loyalty programs…

Free Tree Rewards make your shopping dollars go further!
– Redeem accumulated points for more goods
– Use your points in ANY participating boutique, not just the one you earned them from
– Shop within a community of eclectic, independently-owned specialty boutiques

See how Free Tree Rewards puts the power back in your hands by letting you choose where you spend your earned points….

The Organic Backyard – Website Marketing

The Organic Backyard came to me looking for fresh content for their new venture.

I knew this would be a fun project to work on, because I would be able to play on the gardening/growing aspect and tie it back to the site launch.

I put together some content for the splash page and the various info pages, which showed the step-by-step approach for potential customers.


Whether you’re a newbie or a novice when it comes to gardening, you can enjoy the benefits of an organic lifestyle, no matter how green your thumb is.

It doesn’t get more local than produce grown in your own vegetable patch. Joe will show you how easy it is to deliver fresh organic produce straight from your own private backyard farm directly to your family’s kitchen table.

If your goal is to shop locally while maintaining a more organic lifestyle, let The Organic Backyard show you, in four easy steps, how you can grow enough fresh veggies to feed your entire family.



With an enthusiasm for gardening firmly planted within Joe as far back as childhood, it wasn’t long before this budding farmer’s passion began to thrive.

By enthusiastically cultivating these first seeds of inspiration, and combining this drive with his passion for organic gardening, Joe is now flexing his green thumb in an exciting and innovative way that benefits the community at large.

With a degree in Plant Biology and a Landscape Design Certificate, Joe is a first-class resource, ready to teach your family the benefits of owning your own organic farm.

Utilizing his knowledge of plants, soil science, and organic growing methods, Farmer Joe’s customized four-step approach to creating, implementing, maintaining and enjoying an organic lifestyle will have you harvesting your own crop of healthful produce – right from your own backyard.



It takes more than seeds and soil to make your garden grow, and Farmer Joe has a personalized plan built exclusively to suit your individual tastes.

Whether you’ve got a plot of land or just a patch, Joe will schedule a personal consultation to survey your space and suggest the best sunlit place to plant your produce. After picking the spot, and arming himself with a comprehensive list of your family’s needs, your favorite veggies, and what will grow best in your area, Joe will put your new organic plan into action.

Ready for Step Two? After laying the groundwork for your new organic lifestyle, let Farmer Joe BUILD the bountiful backyard garden you’ve been dreaming of.



Now that Farmer Joe has laid the groundwork for your future backyard garden, it’s time to start building it.

By constructing one or more weather-resistant, raised cedar beds, which can last from 15 to 20 years, Joe’s construction offers optimum drainage, a natural barrier to pests, and will give your garden a first-rate foundation from which to flourish.

Using compost-rich soils and organic fertilizers, which are included in the cost of setting up your beds, your garden will begin to develop in nutrient-rich soil that is equal to that of years spent working and preparing the soil for growing.

Ready for Step Three? You’ve sown the seeds of your own backyard farm – now it’s time to watch them GROW!



Not ready to get elbow-deep in dirt? Let Farmer Joe tend to your crops and bring the bounty of nature straight to your table in a basket ripe for the picking!

With weekly visits to weed, prune, plant and maintain your backyard farm, Joe will utilize his horticultural background to ensure that your crop will be wholesome and plentiful.

Throughout the growing season, Joe will also provide his support to you through reminder e-mails, tips and answers to your personal gardening questions, so you can learn how to care for and cultivate the best from your backyard farm.

Ready for Step Four? Now that all the hard work is done, it’s time to sit back and ENJOY the fruits of your (and Joe’s!) labor.



It doesn’t get more local than growing produce in your own backyard farm. With a plentiful basket of ripe vegetables to enjoy, your family can rest assured, knowing exactly where your food comes from.

Instead of driving to the local market, your family can feel a sense of pride in generating your own source of fresh, organic produce. And best of all, your efforts will reduce your impact on the environment by both growing local, pesticide-free vegetables and supporting Farmer Joe’s exciting new concept in the organic food movement.

Nothing is more important than the health of your family. With Joe’s friendly and informed guidance, your own passion for homegrown organic vegetables will develop into a zest for life and nature that will benefit your family and your community.

The Switchboards – Company Profile

As a long-time member of The Switchboards, I was more than thrilled when new owner Caitlin Thompson came to me looking for a new profile to go with the revamp of the website.

One of the premier social site for indie business ladies, I knew I wanted to craft a profile that had a funky edge and showcased the spirit of the site which had helped me along the way during my crafting and entrepreneurial days.

Welcome to The Switchboards!

Founded in 2004 by Leah Pearlman of Uplifting Arts and Vanessa Brady of Gerbera Designs, and now run by VelAwesome Raptor Labs’ Caitlin Thompson, The Switchboards is one of the premiere online resources for creative female entrepreneurs.

But don’t let our x-chromosomes fool you. When it comes to our crafty enterprises, we are DIY’ing it – and we mean business!

It Takes A Village
No woman is an island and TSB offers a virtual gathering place to talk shop, share ideas, encourage others and learn, build and grow your crafter-preneurial spirit.

Gathering around the watercooler is so ’90’s. With photo galleries of crafty creations and projects-in-progress, informative articles and tutorials, and an extensive message forum where you can get the inside scoop from other indie business ladies making a go of it in the marketplace, TSB is a virtual hub of tech, business and craft-savvy women who are changing the face of the business world – all with a dash of sass!

Who (Really) Wears The Pants
Size doesn’t really matter (at least when it comes to your business). Large, small and somewhere in-between, Switchboarders have proven that all that matters is the measure of your ambition.

Are you an upstart looking for inspiration? An established entrepreneur (we would never call you old) looking for a few new tricks? The Switchboards has something to benefit everyone.

Hear Us Roar!
Sure, some of us stitch, and sometimes, we may bitch. But we also craft, create and champion our fellow business women in a creativity-fueled environment. Not a member yet? WE WANT YOU!

The Switchboards – Connecting Creative Women in Craft

Lasso’d Moon – Product Copy

Product Copy prepared for Lasso’d Moon’s signature Invitation Line
Your love for one another is buzzin’ so why not celebrate those warm and fuzzy feelings with our Miele Invitation?

A lighthearted swirling motif on the front is paired with an elegant patterned and monogrammed front. The perfect marriage of sweet and chic!

MIELE (Save the Date):

Your guests will certainly say yes when you tempt them with these sweet salutations.

Fanciful floral-inspired patterns and charming lettering create a buzz long before your big day.

Prepare for an abundance of honeyed hugs and celebratory kisses for the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs!

AMORE (Invitation)
Make a stylish statement with the simple elegance of our Amore Invitation.

Pamper your guests with lush lettering and playfully romantic accents that set the stage for your exclusive day. Love has never been more in fashion!

Accessorize your stylish Amore Invitations with our co-ordinating Amore Save the Dates for a look that is totally polished and put together.

AMORE (Save The Date)
Show them you know the language of love – and it’s spelled out in snazzy handwritten calligraphy font and whimsical flourishes.

A crisp, clean design, our Amore Save the Dates allow you & your beloved to be the center of attention.

Paired with our co-ordinating Amore Invitation, your wedding is sure to inspire a trend of RSVPs that say “Oui!”

Your lives will soon be entwined together, and our Mahal Invitations will help you celebrate the beginning of your “forever”.

Delicate frills add a fanciful flourish to this vintage design, while a thick band of bold color spotlights the monogram of you and your beloved.

Your love is big and bold, so you need an invitation that shows it.

The striking pattern of our Sayang design brings an exotic flair to this special day for you and your darling.

Whether you opt to pair two bright hues or go for a more subtle palette, you can customize this design to match your wedding colors and suit your individual style.

LIEBE (Invitation)
Perfect for the ultra-modern couple, our Liebe design will showcase your sense of style and show how much you love one another truly, dear.

Refined pinstripes share the spotlight with retro ornaments, captivating guests with your contemporary taste while celebrating the timelessness of your love.

LIEBE (Save the Date)
All signs point to stylish when you choose our Liebe Save the Dates.

Sophisticated with a dash of whimsy, this design boasts vintage embellishments with a modern edge.

The perfect companion to our Liebe Invitations, your guests will strike a dashing pose when they say yes!

Your love is anything but ordinary and our Laska Invitation celebrates your originality with ornate glamour.

Elegant and oh-so-inviting, the eye-catching design and polished monogram are simply stunning.

Always wanted to see your names in the spotlight? The decorative frame is a show-stopping way to feature both you and your beloved!

Celebrate your unique story while still capturing the timeless tradition of love.

Our Amare Invitation is simply stunning with its dainty patterned design. Exquisite details and delightful accents steep this design in romance, the perfect way to capture your big day and start your new life off in style.

Botanical Earth – Business Essentials

Company Profile prepared for Botanical Earth

Debra Hendron began her apprenticeship as a soap maker at the ripe old age of eight.  Barely nose-high to the kitchen countertop, experimenting with her first batch of herbal soap was merely a stepping-stone for Debra on her path towards keeping a family tradition alive.

With her grandmother a soap maker, and her mother an herbalist, it seems only natural that Debra would inherit their green thumbs.  But by taking what she learned from her family matriarchs and instilling her own fertile creativity, Debra’s inspired formulations through her natural body care company Botanical Earth are completely transforming the face of organic bath products.

With a passion for reinventing traditional recipes, Debra is not afraid to plunge elbow-deep into the muck and mud if it results in a product that is both beneficial and beautifying for her clients.  Botanical Earth’s full roster of 100% vegan soaps, balms and salves, as well as pet care items and products for the home, benefits the consumer while remaining mindful of its effect on the environment.

By recreating historic & vintage recipes and making them new with exotic scents, curative plants and therapeutic herbs & spices she discovered during trips to the Middle East during her teenage years, Debra is creating a new generation of botanical body care products that showcases the best of both the past and the future of organic formulation.

Like her mother and her grandmother before her, Botanical Earth is writing its own page in the book of the organic bath product marketplace.  By relying on time-honored tradition and inventive formulas, Botanical Earth keeps clients, some of them the same people her grandmother provided soap to, coming back for more.

When it comes to creating innovatively indulgent products that promote sustainability, organic soap maker Debra Hendron has her feet planted solidly on terra firma.


The Future of Botanical Earth

In a true display of the entrepreneurial spirit, Debra has plans to launch a new venture in 2007 in which to share her lifelong knowledge of growing organic botanicals.  MoHerbs will encompass all facets of running an herbal products business from the ground up, including classes such as “Starting an Herbal Product Business 101” for other would-be business owners.  Botanical Earth is also working on new specialty product lines, including seaweed products, and a children’s line called Botanical Babe.  Remaining dedicated to the implementation of client feedback & suggestions, Debra also plans to create more olive oil-based products that do not include coconut for those with allergies.

The future of Botanical Earth looks bright, indeed!


Brochure prepared for Botanical Earth

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