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Email Marketing Content: Karin Herzog

Having your local herbalist on speed-dial? Check!  Squeezing in your weekly yoga session?  Check! Getting Older? We hate to tell you this. But…check!

The good news? With a little help from the Karin Herzog Beauty Institute and Urban Chic Boutique, you can be your own personal skincare guru.

New to our already stellar catalog of hand-selected, skin-indulgent products, Karin Herzog’s internationally patented skincare brand boosts the natural oxygen levels of your pollution-parched, sun-baked skin.

The revolutionary formula aids in cell renewal, eliminates toxins, and helps your citified skin absorb those essential nutrients you need to look your most diva-licious.

Let Urban Chic Boutique and Karin Herzog boost your skin with a revolutionary anti-aging formula that is equal to enlightenment-in-a-bottle.

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Email Marketing Content: ERA Face Foundation

Take a look into your mirror, mirror on the wall.  You’re already the fairest of them all. But by adding a few brushstrokes of ERA® Everyday Foundation from Classified Cosmetics to your daily beauty ritual, you can transform your face from perfectly pretty to an absolute masterpiece.

With one of the 10 available ERA® Everyday Foundation shades as your palette, as well as a bronzer and primer, too, you can give Leonardo da Vinci a run for his money.

Both wear and water-resistant, this internationally patented aerosol foundation is oil-free and boasts a simple, 2-second application, allowing even busiest Miss, Ms. or Mrs. to achieve a finish so flawless, you’ll have no problem putting your best face forward, complete with a Mona Lisa smile.

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Email Marketing Content: Yummy Skin

That big bowl o’ berries you had for breakfast? It’s more than just yummy for your tummy. And Urban Chic Boutique and Yummy Skin can prove it!

With all-natural, skin nourishing, so-scrumptious-you’ll-wish-you-could-eat-’em lotions, scrubs, body butters and mists, the Yummy Skin brand, new to the Urban Chic Boutique catalog, will exfoliate, moisturize and pamper your bod from head to toe.

Paraben and dye-free, and enriched with a healthy dose of Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, and Green Tea Extracts, Yummy Skin has created a delectable recipe of 100% skin friendly treats that will leave you looking, feeling and smelling super-sweet!

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Georgie Designs – Catalog Content

Rock Crystal Quartz Ring

The modern gal doesn’t need her beau to give her a ring – she can buy her own bling!  And our sterling-wrapped rock crystal quartz nugget is just the right mix of classy and sassy.

Custom sizes available on request

Light Grey Swarovski Pearl Necklace

Who needs an entire strand of jewels when one perfect jewel will do? A single 8mm Swarovski pearl is perfectly showcased in a hand-wrapped web of sleek sterling wire.

Sterling Silver chain, spring clasp. Necklace measures 18 in. Pendant measures approx. 2in.

Carved Shell Flower Necklace

You’re bright & bold – your jewelry should be too!  A hand carved black lip shell pendant blooms from a single strand of faceted sterling bead accents. Simply…stunning!

Pendant measures 2¼ in. across. Necklace is adjustable from 16 to 17½ in.

Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Dreaming of an island getaway? Get the look of a weekend jaunt to the Caribbean by wrapping your wrist with 5 luscious strands of ocean-inspired turquoise gemstone nuggets.

32 inches, memory wire bracelet. One size fits most!

14k Gold Filled Bead Earrings

Delicate teardrops are anything but demure when 14k gold-filled wire is dotted with decadent gold-filled beads.  Don’t be shy – indulge yourself!

All components are 14k gold-filled. Approx. 3 ½ in. drop

Orb Necklace

A cluster of vibrant gemstones will add fun and whimsy to any outfit!  The playful hand-wrapped orb can be purchased in your choice of Honey Jade, Amazonite, or Apple Green.

6mm round gemstones are wrapped into a 1-inch pendant on Sterling Silver findings and strung from a 24-inch Sterling Silver chain.

Round Impression Jasper Necklace

School your friends in the fine art of accessorizing with this enchanting necklace. Brushstrokes of Sandy Brown highlight the smooth Aquamarine pendant, giving it the look of a Monet masterpiece.

Impression Jasper gemstone measures 2-inches in diameter.  18-inch brushed sterling silver circle chain with lobster clasp makes this necklace completely adjustable.

Orange Calcite Ring

Get a daily dose of vibrant energy from this eye-catching Orange Calcite Ring.  Each hand-wrapped stone is unique, and is sure to set your confidence ablaze!

Sterling Silver wire. Each stone is unique, so patterns may vary slightly.

Gaspeite, Turquoise and Chrysocolla Bracelet

Need a quick time-out from your hectic workweek? Let the good fortune of Apple Green Gaspeite, the serenity of soothing Turquoise and the tranquility of Chrysocolla whisk you away to fashion Nirvana. 1-2-3…breathe!

Sterling Silver beads. Toggle clasp is adjustable from 7 1/2 to 9 inches.

Wood and Amazonite Bracelet

Looking for a little ornamental magic? Slip on this bracelet made with Red Aventurine and soothing Amazonite. Both stones are said to bring good luck – and, we think, great presence!

Wood Bead embellishments. Sterling Silver toggle clasp. Bracelet measures 8-inches.

Spunky Kitty – Company Profile

For Canadian-based hat designer Caitlin Thompson, thinking outside the box has allowed this Spunky Kitty to earn her creative stripes.  By taking a quirky approach to adult apparel, Spunky Kitty's Critter Caps give full-grown kids-at-heart the opportunity to adopt a fun style with an anime edge.

With fleece hats in a variety of species ranging from the furry – bears, bunnies, pandas, and kitties – to the feisty – fox, bobcats, and tigers – to the just plain fun – monkeys, beaver, frogs, and mice – Spunky Kitty adds a quirky twist to cyber fashion by appealing to guys, gals & fashionable gamers looking to adopt modern accessories with equal parts charm, playfulness, and style.

Every Critter Cap is a designer original – created, crafted and sent to you from Caitlyn's home in Guelph, Ontario. Her stylish take on cyber culture, and her clear-cut dedication to crafting every cap that leaves her shop, makes every Spunky Kitty creation as individualized and extraordinary as each client that dons one of her fuzzy fleece critters.

Wearers of Spunky Kitty's Critter Caps have enthusiastically adopted Caitlyn's own thinking, that looking cute isn't – and shouldn't be – just for kids. Both heartwarmingly lovable and an adorable way to keep toasty, Spunky Kitty's endearing creature creations adds a fanciful splash of contemporary cuteness to the bits & bytes of the ultramodern world of gaming & cyber fashion.