Care to Bead – Company Profile

For jewelry designer Kathi Kupferschmid, Care to Bead is a way for her to nourish and rejuvenate her spirit. As caregiver & nurturer to her husband, who was diagnosed with ALS, Kathi’s one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets, pendants, and other hand-strung beaded accessories are more than simple adornments. They are talismans that soothe and heal.

Whether with energy-boosting Carnelian, through the protective & soothing qualities of Jade, or in the strength-giving spirit of Agate, Care to Bead has given the ancient art of storytelling a fashionable makeover.

Through Kathi’s recognizable artistry, Care to Bead jewelry & accessories spread tangible joy to her endless list of satisfied clients.

The language of love is not always found between the covers of a book. Instead, for Kathi Kupferschmid, they are often spelled out in beads & baubles; with colorful crystals & gemstones, and illuminated by glimmering glass, and shimmering sterling silver.

Sick On Sin – Editorial Content

Creepy is the New Cute at Sick on Sin

It’s Halloween, and the streets are crawling with ghosts, ghouls and goblins. With various spooky & sinister treats from Canada’s Sick on Sin, you can get your fill of zombies, skulls and undead creatures, all with a dash of cuteness.

Blending equal parts precious and perverse, Sick on Sin proprietress Jennifer Krebsz and her partner-in-crime Michael Lalonde have cooked up a bevy of buttons, pocket mirrors, tees and undies that are like little drops of candy-coated diabolism.

From zombies to gargoyles, and bats to skulls, you can get your creep on, and still garner endless “ooh’s” and “aah’s” from your friends. Even the animals aren’t safe at Sick on Sin. Sweet critters get a beastly makeover this Halloween with protruding bones, exposed brains and bloody lacerations that somehow make the animals look that much more adorable.

My personal favorite is the Every Day is Halloween Series B button pack, with its baby gargoyle, ghoulish bat and darling skull whose grin could easily cause one to die laughing with delight.

Visit Sick on Sin’s online breeding ground of sugar-coated devilry, and treat yourself to frightfully fun merchandise that, as promised by the evil geniuses behind the brand, is sure to cure your inner demons.